Services from Baker Title and Abstract

Every homeowner has a tale about signing a seemingly endless flow of documents during closing; however, when comes to transferring property, which normally involves a significant payout of funds, it is important to dot every 'i' and cross ever 't.'

At Baker Title and Abstract, we research property titles to ensure they are legitimate, and then issue title insurance for the property in question. Title insurance is indemnity insurance to protects the lender and/or the seller from financial loss should a claim against the property arise from a dispute over title, or from issues concerning the mortgage loan.

We also maintain escrow accounts to ensure the funds allocated for a property closing are only used for settlement and closing costs. During a closing, we make sure all titles, deeds and other related documents are properly signed, witnessed and filed with the correct entities. We ensure the closing goes as smoothly as possible.


Title - A bundle of rights for a property in which a party, or parties, may own a legal or equitable interest. Title also refers to a formal document, such as a deed, that documents evidence of ownership of a given property. Conveyance of a title document may be required in order to transfer ownership.

Abstract of Title - Summary of a variety of documents and instruments affecting the title of a real property. This covers records, wills, grants, and conveyances affecting a given title. If such exists, it would also cover any judicial proceedings that may be affecting the property. It also includes a recorded liens and other encumbrances that may be affecting a property, and the present status of said liens.

Title Insurance - Comprehensive insurance to cover against loss arising from defects in the title, or any liens or encumbrances that may be found on the real estate property.